Let’s Listen

Let’s Listen

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stop listening?

By Obien Mayo

If you are blind you’ll loose contact with things but if you are hard of hearing you are speechless too and your contact with people will be lost. That’s a stage when the whole world seems like a painting. Now come to the other side; you are watching music for ten years and suddenly you start hearing the music. Then you’ll come to know why people jump and move strangely standing in front of round boxes being beaten by sticks. You are watching the lips closing and opening for ten years, focusing on hand movements to understand the words but suddenly you begin listening the words without watching lips and hands. It’ll be surely a great experience for you and absolutely a new world. Then that painting will reveal new secrets upon you.

What helps in understanding that painting…..? That is Audiology. These are the blessings of Audiology which support connection of people.


Published: Smash Magazine, Page # 22, Issue Dec 2016

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  1. Obien Mayo


    Audiology Rocks

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